Maidenhead Faith leaders from the town sharing talks

Posted by R.Broad on May 1, 2019

Underneath all faiths is a commonality

The idea of Faith leaders from the town sharing talks came from Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Romain. Jonathan’s idea is to spread a message of peace and solidarity following the attacks in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Jonathan added ‘I felt the religious leaders had to rise to the challenge and show that, while we cannot control what extremists do, mainstream communities can forge a better way forward.’ Jonathan wants us to highlight that Jews, Christians and Muslims can practise their own religions and live in harmony with each other. The hope is that ‘this will serve as a pilot project that will be emulated throughout the UK.’


Talks are scheduled as follows:-


Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain is speaking at All Saints at 10am on Sunday 21st July


Fr. Jeremy is speaking at the Synagogue on Friday 19th July at 8.30pm finishing at 9.15pm followed by refreshments.


Imam Abid Hashmi sharing thoughts at Maidenhead Synagogue Friday June 28th 8.30pm 


Imam Abid Hashmi is speaking at All Saints at 10am on Sunday 23rd June


Fr Jeremy is speaking on Friday 3rd May at 2pm at The Mosque in Maidenhead.


Fr Jeremy preached on this topic at All Saints on Sunday 28th April 2019 - a copy of the sermon can be found here - and a selection of past sermons can be found here.