About Us

All Saints’ Church, just off the A4 Bath Road to the west of town, was opened in 1857 to serve rural Boyne Hill. The church complex is the most important collection of Grade 1 listed buildings in Maidenhead. You will find a warm welcome from our 21st century heating system! The worship needs of today are served by a variety of services, each in a distinctive style.

Our main service on Sundays at 10 am, the Parish Eucharist, has a crèche and a lively group for young people of primary school age. Various faith growth courses run throughout the year, which help people to explore the riches of the Christian faith.

Our Priest, Fr Jeremy, has now returned from the second stage of his Sabbatical in Kenya. Fr. Jeremy has been preaching at confirmations and has participated at the Graduation and Ordination of Jeminah Mkiwa Mgalu on 1st December 2013. All Saints Church have supported Jemimah for three years leading up to her Ordination through our OAK project.

Fr. Jeremy’s blog, including the first stage of his Sabbatical, his Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, can be found here: Fr Jeremy’s Blog