Covid Vaccination - Q&A with Fr Jeremy and RBWM Councillors

Posted by R.Broad on February 7, 2021

See the recoding of the Fr Jeremy Question and Answer session covering the COVID-10 Vaccine with Councillor Gurpreet Bhangra and Councillor Stuart Carroll RBWM.


Reproduced from Councillor Gurpreet Bhangra's facebook page:-
Q&A No. 3 on the COVID-19 ???? Vaccine ???? answering key questions about why it is important to take the COVID-19 vaccine and dispels the myths, untruths and misinformation. I was delighted to host another critical Q&A between Councillor Stuart Carroll - #RBWM Cabinet Lead Member - Adult Social Care, Public Health, Mental Health, Schools and Children Services, who is also a epidemiologist and vaccine expert working on the government vaccine taskforce and Rev.Jeremy Harris - All Saints Church, Boyn Hill, Maidenhead. This focuses on the vital need for everyone to get vaccinated and Councillor Carroll answers key questions about the vaccine and dispels the myths, untruths and misinformation around #COVID19 vaccine. All of the vaccines have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards. The vaccines have no meat derivatives or porcine products and are safe for the Christian community. A prayer is taken from the ‘Prayer for the Nation’ offered by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York Loving God, At this time of crisis When so many are suffering, we Pray for our nation and our world. Give our leaders wisdom, our Health Service strength, our people Hope. Lead us through these parched and difficult days To the fresh springs of joy and Comfort that we find in Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN Prayer by Rev.Jeremy Harris All Saints Church Boyn Hill Maidenhead We give thanks for scientists in this country and around the world that have developed vaccinations that are bringing hope to this world. We pray that everyone will see the need to receive the vaccination for their own welfare but also for the support of others - Those who are working for the NHS offering love and care to those who are unwell, the frontline workers serving us and the young people of this country and around the world who deserve the chance to return to education that may discover a future where their hopes and dreams can come to fruition. May we follow the example of Sir Captain Tom Moore whose humility, kindness and determination enabled him to act as a beacon of hope through these challenging times and enabled others to be inspired to seek the common good. This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ who gave his life that we might experience new and transformed life. Amen. I would like to thank my colleague Councillor Stuart Carroll and Rev.Jeremy Harris for their assistance in participating in this video and sending out a positive message that COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Please remember to follow the government guidance. #stayhome ???? #controlthevirus ???? #protectthenhs ???? #staysafe ❤️ #handsfacespace ???????? ???? ????????‍♂️⬅️2metres➡️????????‍♀️ Thank you, Councillor Gurpreet Bhangra Boyn Hill Ward Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead