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Men of Boyne Hill

This group which has been meeting over the last two years started following a conversation during our Partnership in Missional Church process. One member of our congregation said, ‘My Husband lives a busy life running his business and helping to bring up our young family but occasionally he has a free evening when he would love to join others for a drink and a chat at the pub.’ Following this conversation, we started meeting on Wednesday evenings from 8pm until 10pm at the Windsor Castle pub. The group included a good number of established church members but quickly grow to be a group that were men looking for someone to share company and a pint with. Over the last year we continued to meet and on one occasion we went to Maidenhead to share a steak meal. Evenings such as this enable people to make friends and find out about peoples lives within the community. We learn about some of the challenges that people face and on a lighter note discuss various sporting events and results.

I have not made the group recently, but I know that they still gather on a midweek evening. I was walking my dog one morning and one of the men who was taking his daughter to school called out and we had a conversation. This is what PMC is largely concerned with listening to the needs of a community. I will be making time to join the group again and advertise on the pew sheet so that more people can benefit from a relaxing evening at the Windsor Castle in good company.

Fr Jeremy

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