PMC/PCC Away Day - Saturday 1st October - Boyne Hill Cricket Club 9.30am to 4.30pm

Posted by R.Broad on July 30, 2016

Many thanks to everyone who attended, organised and supported this excellent meeting which was part of our PMC Journey - please check the PMC page periodically for more news.


Please join for this an important day when we will be deciding on one theme/concept which we collectively believe God to be leading us to at All Saints. 


The aim of this day is to consider all the information we discussed at our recent Discernment Day on 25th June and from this, decide on one Missional Adaptive Challenge (MAC) we feel God is leading us to at All Saints Church.


This one Challenge will be taken forward into Year 2 of PMC.


All the PCC and Extended PCC are invited to join us as well as anyone else in the congregation who feels they would like to support or be involved in whatever God may be calling us to.



More information about PMC can be found on the Partnership for Missional Church page here.